Pinnacle Evaluation Services was created in the Raleigh/Triangle market to provide our banking clients with inspections for new or existing loans. As we have grown, some of our assignments are located outside our coverage area. In order to service those opportunities, we have decided to leverage our extensive network of professionals like yourself. With your knowledge of your local real estate market, you can help Pinnacle Evaluation Services in delivering inspections and receive compensation accordingly.

This is not a request for a BPO in any way. This is a request for market information on properties located in an area where you have local knowledge.

We call our professionals “Inspectors”, that would be YOU.

Here’s what an inspection entails:

  • Exterior physical inspection of the subject property: this is a visual inspection only.  We do not expect you to walk the property in any way but to make ‘eye’ contact with the front, sides and rear if possible in order to see the condition and characteristics of the property.
  • 8 photos of the property: (front view, left and right side views, street views, and address verification). It is critical that the lender feels they have seen the property as well.
  • External factors observed: around or within the immediate neighborhood of the subject property.
  • Neighborhood: what is across or down the street? Access, parking, etc. positive or negative notes about the surrounding area?
  • Property detail description: full and detailed description of the property including use and zoning.
  • Market Summary: a simple narrative about what is going on in the local marketplace from a real estate, employment or general perspective – positive and negative.
  • 3 comparable sales of the subject property: in the immediate area along with their tax cards – remember this is a sales comparable only.
  • Tax cards for the subject: enter information using our online form.

All orders must be completed and delivered within 48 hours.

FEE:  We pay $100 per commercial property inspection. You will be paid promptly upon the completion of your work!

To join our team and become an “Inspector” please complete the following form.